Group Scout Leader

7th Borehamwood

Status:                 Open

Closing Date:       15 May 2021

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We’re currently looking for a Group Scout Leader (GSL). This is a management role, and we need someone who can provide leadership, motivation and guidance to our other adult volunteers.

A large part of this role involves supporting adult volunteers, including those working directly with young people. For any adult volunteer in Scouting, their manager will be a regular point of call for support.

You don’t need any prior experience of Scouting to apply for this role: we’ll make sure you’re fully trained and supported.

GSLs support adults who work directly with young people. They need support to ensure that they are motivated, inspired and focused on providing first-class Scouting.


A good manager thanks other volunteers for their hard work, and helps to make sure that they feel happy and supported, week after week.

The GSL will also provide direction for the Scout Group, and will help others see the bigger Scouting picture through solid leadership.

We believe that everyone in management roles within Scouting should adopt an approach that combines the skills of both leadership and management.